Some people show interest in learning a bit about the author of this site, so I wrote the following lines for them. Guillermo (Will) Escutia is my name and I have a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with post- graduate studies in Business Administration of High-Tech Companies. I currently live in California.

I am very familiar with the manufacturing industry in all its aspects and I have managed small and very large companies fabricating products in huge quantities under strict quality requirements. One of the areas I developed a keen interest and expertise is in how to arrive at sound conclusions when we face complex environments. I invented a methodology to solve complex technical problems based on the scientific method and I found out that we, humans, can arrive at false beliefs easily if we do not follow a robust protocol that helps us analyze information.

For some reason, since I was a very young kid, I developed a great interest in military history and this became one of my passions in life. I read hundreds of books before I decided that my training in scientific data analysis had application in history writing, so I started doing research of the WW2 European theatre of war and writing about it. The fact that WW2 was an industrial war and I have broad industrial experience was helpful too.

I have other passions as well. I am a general aviation pilot with more than 700 flying hours and I am an aviation mechanic. I love aircraft and there was a time when I founded a small company that fabricated light aircraft. The impact of aircraft in WW2 was decisive, and the Eastern Front was no exception. I believe that this first-hand experience has helped me to understand and better describe how aircraft played a determining role in Russia.

Finally, I can mention that wargaming is a hobby I am most fond of and the ability to use some of the best Eastern front board games (yep, old school I know) and computer games allows the historian to test some hypothesis better than just imagining how it could have been.

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